MicroEtcher IIA Abrasive IntraOral SandBlaster 22005-01

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The MicroEtcher IIA is recognized as one of the most valuable tools for dentistry. It provides precise surface micro-roughening, improving bond strength up to 400%. Surface area and surface reactivity is dramatically increased for maximum bond. Sandblasting is fast and easy with most surface roughening procedures requiring only a few seconds. It offers all stainless construction and replaceable carbide tip. Now with a permanently affixed jar lid and spill resistant abrasive filter.


MicroEtcher Uses:

  • Etching all metals, composites & amalgam for maximum bond strength
  • Intraoral porcelain repair
  • Pit & fissure prep
  • Cleaning darkened grooves to reveal decay
  • Prepping incipient lesions and minor Class I & V
  • Debriding bur preps for best aesthetics & bonds

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