Multi-Cal All Purpose, Non-Setting Calcium Hydroxide Paste. (MultiCal)

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All Purpose, Non-Setting Calcium Hydroxide Paste

For Vital Pulp Therapy and Root Canal Therapy
Multi Cal is a smooth, creamy calcium hydroxide preparation recommended for all clinical applications where calcium hydroxide is indicated.

Temporary and Intermediate Root Canal Therapy
For routine use as an intracanal dressing between office visits
Non-surgical solution for abscessed teeth and failed root canals
For treatment of abscesses, cysts, periapical lesions, root resorption, root fractures, perforations, apexification, pus, hemorrhage, exudation, weeping canals
Treatment of traumatic injuries
Non-setting. Easily removed with file and irrigation.
Vital Pulp Therapy
Direct Pulp Capping, Pulpal Curettage, Pulpotomy
Dentin Bridge Formation
Cavity Lining and Indirect Pulp Capping

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