PrepSure Crown Prep Guide Assorted Set 3/Pk (1.0-1.5-2.0mm)- ContacEZ #92403

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PrepSure® instruments guide the crown preparation properly with optimal reduction for occlusal clearance, preventing under- or over-reduction.

Available in three tip sizes, PrepSure monitors, achieves and confirms ideal abutments with proper occlusal, buccal, lingual, and gingival clearances. PrepSure is used to glide through on the mesial half of the tooth with its Mesial Tip and the distal half of the tooth with its Distal Tip to detect high spots and avoid unnecessary over-reduction.

These ergonomic instruments are essential for improving accuracy and efficiency in crown preparation. PrepSure brings quality dental care to every patient by providing an excellent patient experience.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Takes out all the guesswork
  • Solves a very common crown prep problem
  • Prevents a second impression or digital scan
  • Avoids under or over-reduction of tooth structure
  • Matches indications for all common crown materials
  • Prevents early crown fracture/perforation
  • An ideal complement to digital workflows
  • Autoclavable for exceptional value

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